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Experienced martial arts instructors in Tuggerah

At Wyong Hapkido, we’re passionate about self-defence. When you know you have the ability to defend yourself in most situations, you can go about your life with more confidence and happiness. We don’t promote fighting or unnecessary aggression, but it’s good to know that you have the power to protect yourself or others if they needed your assistance. With hapkido, you can have that confidence.
Other martial arts classes
As well as offering high-quality hapkido coaching and training, our team of highly-skilled martial arts experts also offer a range of classes in other disciplines too. 

Our additional martial arts training include:
  • Arnis
  • Eskrima
  • Women's Self Defence
  • Private training in multiple aspects of Martial Arts

Incredible fitness for all ages
Whether you’re getting into hapkido, judo or kendo, you’re certain to experience the physical and aerobic benefits of regular martial arts training. Whatever level you’re at, our classes will allow you to improve your physique, core strength and cardiovascular conditioning, making you a stronger and healthier person.
Our instructors and black belts
Over the years, our instructors have passed on their hapkido and martial arts wisdom to people throughout the Central Coast, producing many black belts along the way. 

Our current instructors and black belts include:
  • Master Ron Rees 
  •  Mary White
  • Melissa Rees
  • Michael Little
  • Kelly Feetam (who also teaches Taekwondo)
  • Chris Kastelan
  • Reimer Ganzevoort 
  • Shane Cutland
  • Stephanie Marks

To find out more about our excellent range of high-quality martial arts classes, 
call our friendly team today on 0411 718 545 .

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